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Use AI to solve complex problems

Watch this real-time, step-by-step tutorial to solve this Rubik's cube.

Soutien aux 160 collaborateurs licenciés chez SoftBank Robotics Europe…

Pepper, Nao et les collaborateurs font grève devant Pôle emploi !!

What do you see? Wall-E, Skynet, autonomous delivery robot…

Roxos, Fedex SameDay Delivery Bots, use artificial intelligence, motion sensors and stair-climbing wheels to travel on sidewalks and along roads in NYC. End of 2019...

UEFA EURO 2020 runs from 11 June to 11 July 2021

With 11 host cities staging the 51 fixtures. Ready?

🎱 Augmented reality for billiards game

Developed by Forge IT, Pool Live AR projects in real time stunning effects, score or help lines onto the table

Who wants to play ball with Spot?

Learning SoftBank Group Corp.

Cool Oreo AR packaging

Advertisers can increase consumer engagement for games, product information...

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