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I learned science at school from books…

My children will certainly learn in augmented reality

2 German Brothers Turned A Bathtub Into A Drone 🛀 !

It is because there are madmen like them that humanity will always continue to innovate. 👍 Click & Follow TECH is MAGIC for your daily...

Agriculture evolves with technology 🚜

Skycrop Solutions offers AI-based robots that inspect and spray an orchard. 👍 Click & Follow TECH is MAGIC for your daily dose of innovation It can...

AR Cooking session …

Definitely our daily life in a few years with AR glasses

Le Deep Fake bientôt dans Star Wars ?!

Lucasfilm vient de recruter le Youtuber Shamook, remarqué pour sa version amateure d'une scène reprise en DeepFake de l'apparition de Luke Skywalker, jugée meilleure...

High intensity training for these Chinese players …

But where is the robot that picks up the balls?

Beastro by Kitchen Robotics can make 45 dishes an hour including

It is Fully programmable and personalized to any type of dish (including Italian and Asian cuisines, as well as soups, salads and more...). The...

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