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This Amazon Air Hub is equipped with innovative uses of robotics technology to transport...

Inside an Amazon facility, employees and robots work together to ready products for customers.

🦾 Is this the beginning of the T-800?

Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm Full Range of Motion from Automaton Robotics. 👉 Łukasz Koźlik, a Polish robotics engineer has developed an incredible synthetic muscle arm...

Can robots and artificial intelligence transform religion?

👉 IMAGINE a robot in a Buddhist temple, a "catholic alexa" in a church or even a rabbi avatar... and it already exists! Many religions...

Impressive sketch created by Greg Edwards with Mental Canvas

I like this creativity and the concept of the application that allows to reinvent storytelling for any use: architect's drawing, stories for children, presentation...

🐦 Pigeon stuck on high voltage cable rescued with drone

A knife, tape and a drone freed the animal that was stuck on the electric wire for more than 12 hours The birds are...

Forced perspective displays build for Microsoft Lounge Blackwelder

VolvoxLabs developed and built various installations and visuals over the years culminating now with a brand new naked-eye 3D corner content spanning the entrance...

Mixed reality is transforming the healthcare industry

HoloLens is used in hospitals to: - Improve the precision of the surgical act- Optimize the training of surgeons- Amplify the collaboration between health professionals

KFC tests fast food of the future in Moscow 🍔🍟

A special Robotic hand moves the order into a cell, where it is stored for no longer than 10 minutes. The cell opens automatically...

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