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Those cyber-boots will allow you to walk in the metaverse

👉 The boots feature an array of motorized wheels on their soles that spin in the opposite direction to the wearer's forward motion👉 These...

Hand made neat indoor terrarium with a geometrical design

TERRALIVING is a Bio-architecture and biomorphic inspired design lab based in Malaysia

This autonomous robotic warehouse fleet caught Elon Musk’s eye last year

SqUID from BionicHIVE picks from floor to ceiling and retrofits onto any existing warehouse infrastructure

From digital to AR… so much more engaging!

Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel breaks down the common driving dangers that happen during the winter

Urban indoor automated vertical farming using data driven software and drones

By combining computer vision and drones, the inventory becomes almost autonomous and can be done at night

This technology by AccuVein creates a real-time visual map of the veins on the...

Vein mapping uses Near-infrared imaging for detecting veins. The result is a visual projection that has center line accuracy of less than the width...

🦀 Robotic Spy Crab joins thousands of Christmas Island crabs as they march to...

"Spy in the Wild" is back in one of the most innovative natural history series ever presented. This time it deploys over 50 ultra-realistic animatronic...

Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform is pretty exciting for XR

XR allows us to seamlessly blend the lines between our physical and digital realities and transform the world around us in ways limited only...

Super Grid by Activate Games Inc. in Louisville, U.S.

Digital technology makes it possible to create immersive games that combine both physical and mental agility

This guy is having fun in the virtual world

Will you let yourself go into the metaverse ⁉️🤔 30 years ago, who expected to talk alone in the street, take selfies or even...

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