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Humanoid robot Sophia to be mass produced by the end of 2021!

Unveiled in 2016 and Granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia back in 2017, Sophia is one of the most media-friendly robots of the last few...

La supply chain est certainement un des secteurs le plus impacté par la collaboration...

L'Humain semble maintenant évoluer dans cet univers de plus en plus robotisé, là où la machine venait auparavant aider son travail. Suivez MAGICTECH pour...

Bientôt au cinéma… Terminator, The Origin !

👀 Attention spoiler ! Avant la partie de shifumi qui a mal tourné, les Terminators étaient nos amis. Mais ça, c'était avant !

La robotique peut aussi être fun… ou pas !

Prêt à essayer ?

The last Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot Walks The Streets

TECH or TRICK ⁉️ Answer before you see the answer below 👀 This is TRICK ! Despite the video's realism, the robot is in...

Do you know Tier IV Robot Taxi?

Tier IV was deployed in central Tokyo last November. A four-day test was carried out to check the safety, comfort and punctuality of the...

Robotic + video game… so much immersive!

With Virtual reality, the experience must be even more impressive. Follow MAGICTECH for + Tech videos

Will Atlas be able to run faster than usain bolt one day?

Atlas' progress is so impressive that one could imagine one day seeing a robot challenge humans in their greatest performances at the Olympic Games....

Robot volleyball machine helps Japan team practise attacks

The machine can travel 3.7 meters per second (faster than a human) and can mimic the tactical styles of future opponents. Follow MAGICTECH for...

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