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It looks like the movie Avatar

Where someone can take remote control of an avatar 👉 BEOMNI is a Humanoid robot that allows an operator to control it remotely from the...

Here is Pazzi, the world’s first autonomous pizza robot

Should we call it "Pizzaroboioli", and what about the traditional pizzaioli?

Meet LEONARDO, a bipedal walking robot that can fly built at Caltech

By combining two distinct locomotion mechanisms, LEONARDO achieves complex maneuvers that require delicate balancing, such as walking on a slackline and skateboarding, which are...

Do you remember WipEout?

XTURISMO's hoverbike unveiled at Fuji Speedway on October 26, in Japan. Too noisy and too heavy for the moment, it's just a prototype. Are you...

OMG… I am not ready for that!

Stripper robots with cameras for heads were the highlight of CES 2018. They make me think of a post-apocalyptic cyber punk era where humans...

This Amazon Air Hub is equipped with innovative uses of robotics technology to transport...

Inside an Amazon facility, employees and robots work together to ready products for customers.

🦾 Is this the beginning of the T-800?

Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm Full Range of Motion from Automaton Robotics. 👉 Łukasz Koźlik, a Polish robotics engineer has developed an incredible synthetic muscle arm...

Can robots and artificial intelligence transform religion?

👉 IMAGINE a robot in a Buddhist temple, a "catholic alexa" in a church or even a rabbi avatar... and it already exists! Many religions...

KFC tests fast food of the future in Moscow 🍔🍟

A special Robotic hand moves the order into a cell, where it is stored for no longer than 10 minutes. The cell opens automatically...

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