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🦾 Is this the beginning of the T-800?

Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm Full Range of Motion from Automaton Robotics. 👉 Łukasz Koźlik, a Polish robotics engineer has developed an incredible synthetic muscle arm...

Can robots and artificial intelligence transform religion?

👉 IMAGINE a robot in a Buddhist temple, a "catholic alexa" in a church or even a rabbi avatar... and it already exists! Many religions...

The Paris of the 1890s-1900s

Filmed by the Lumière brothers and restored in 4K by Russian youtuber Denis Shiryaev using artificial intelligence. Ahhh La Belle Epoque !

🚐 Autonomous minibus trialed in Nanjing, E China 🇨🇳

An autonomous minibus, named Mini Robobus, is being tested on an eco-tech island in Nanjing, E China. Developer hopes it will replace traditional buses...

Board vs Board. Board vs App

This is Square Off, the World's Smartest Chessboard powered by Ai and Robotics. Play against the artificial intelligence or challenge anyone around the world and...

Never miss a shot again with this robotic basketball hoop

Powered by AI, sensors track the trajectory of each shot and motors attached to the backboard adjust its angle to deflect the ball into...

Amazon has unveiled an autonomous robot, named Astro

Astro can be sent to specific locations in your house and follow you around during video calls. The household robot can also beatbox, answer...

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