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1st public appearance of the humanoid robot Ameca at CES after having made the...

Developed by Engineered Arts Ltd based in the UK, Ameca is a platform for developing AI, so anybody can create the AI and machine...

🐸 Do you know the boiling frog effect?

Our world has changed in 30 years... but how can we understand these changes when they occur gradually? Some of us were late to the...

Should animals spend their lives in captivity for the pleasure of humans?

Think of zoos or circuses!Or could technology help find a compromise? With advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality, humans could continue to observe...


A self-driving Tuk-Tuk has been developed in India? Please comment 💬

Real life flying hoverboard made possible to fly with the Gravity Jet Suit

Really cool one-shot cinematic of the Back to the Future hoverboard

🤖 Is tech magic? ⭐️

We live in a fast-changing world... but are we ready to adopt the new behaviors induced by new technologies ? The main obstacle to innovation...

Robotic guide dog helps visually impaired people even in confined spaces

▶️ Mini-Cheetah, the quadrupedal robot equipped with a leash, can guide humans through without crashing into walls, objects or other obstacles▶️ Algorithms that have...

This robot is so amazing that it is making the buzz on the net

Developed by Engineered Arts Ltd based in the UK, it raises several questions: ▶️ Should robots be created in our image?▶️ Should a robot be...

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