Do you remember WipEout?

XTURISMO's hoverbike unveiled at Fuji Speedway on October 26, in Japan. Too noisy and too heavy for the moment, it's just a prototype. Are you...

🐦 Pigeon stuck on high voltage cable rescued with drone

A knife, tape and a drone freed the animal that was stuck on the electric wire for more than 12 hours The birds are...

It’s raining drones in Zhengzhou…

200 drones took to the skies to commemorate the Wanda Plaza shopping mall's anniversary but after two and a half minutes, the drones started...

Amazon wants you to test its Ring Flying Indoor Drone Camera

Announced a year ago, Amazon confirmed that the product is real and can be purchased by invitation only

School is no longer adapted to our fast-changing world!

👧 1.5 billion children are currently being prepared for the jobs of yesterday.👶 65% of young children will do jobs that don't exist yet.👏...

Russian Cyberpunk Farm 🚜

This short, sci-fi mockumentary about a Russian organic farm colony offers a playful take on the pastoral idyll and the usual misconceptions about Russian...

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