One of the main issues for indoor drones is inventory

It can be done during idle hours without interfering with other activities.

A fast drone that reaches a speed of 219 kmh (136 mph) by quadmovr

This mainly printed sub 250gr quad could hit at least 250kmh

Urban indoor automated vertical farming using data driven software and drones

By combining computer vision and drones, the inventory becomes almost autonomous and can be done at night

Awesome drone footage

Sharks swimming through a massive school of fish near Bridgehampton, New YorkCredit: Tovi Sonnenberg

Swedish man saved by drone-delivered defibrillator after heart attack

70% of heart attacks happen at home, without a defibrillator on site 👉 If a defibrillator is not readily available, brain death will happen in...

UK commandos fly over the sea with new jet pack

Don't worry, it's just a practice. The British Royal Navy and Royal Marines tested out a jet suit developed by Gravity Industries. The suite can...

TECH (true) or TRICK (false)

A man used drone to shoot fireworks at neighbor's loud party Please comment 💬

Last mile delivery by drones is the future of light weight delivery

This market is predicted to grow to approximately $51 billion by 2022 and $59.81 billion by the end of 2025.

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