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Mixed reality is transforming the healthcare industry

HoloLens is used in hospitals to: - Improve the precision of the surgical act- Optimize the training of surgeons- Amplify the collaboration between health professionals

The future of digital

Advertising where the sponsor changes depending on the TV channel or country

AR + VR experience in a standalone headset

Lynx is a All-in-One Mixed Reality headset founded by Stan Larroque... and a Paris based company 🇫🇷

Study Medicine with Virtual Reality 🩺 on Oculus Quest 2

Understand the 3D connections of the human body better using Medicalholodeck's Dissection Master XR. The app is made for medical students and educators

The future of construction is be both real and holographic!

Mixed reality in construction, to see what is buried or what a construction will look like.

The Future of Work Is Hybrid

Holoportation of Antoine Bezborodko from HoloForge Interactive using a HoloLens 2 and a Kinect during Laval Virtual 2021

Zed mini + Leap Motion + Oculus Rift to create a mixed reality experience

The ZED Mini is the new generation of depth and motion sensing camera by Stereolabs.

I am a big fan of HoloLens 2

And Teleportation will really change the way we work together or talk to our loved ones

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