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Impressive sketch created by Greg Edwards with Mental Canvas

I like this creativity and the concept of the application that allows to reinvent storytelling for any use: architect's drawing, stories for children, presentation...

Forced perspective displays build for Microsoft Lounge Blackwelder

VolvoxLabs developed and built various installations and visuals over the years culminating now with a brand new naked-eye 3D corner content spanning the entrance...

▶️ A giant 3D cat on the roof of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo 🇯🇵

The 4K 3D advertising screen with curved LED surface has a surface area of 1665 square feet. Produced by Japanese communication agency Cross Shinjuku...

The future of digital

Advertising where the sponsor changes depending on the TV channel or country

The 1st edition of Digital Art Fair Asia unveils a new generation of artists...

From October 3 to 17 From metaverse to NFTs, the fair is split into five zones dubbed Immersive, Prestige, Pioneer, New Media and Virtual Reality...

Life-size Star Wars…


So captivating!

8K resolution sound responsive visual poetry

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