đŸ€– Is tech magic? ⭐

We live in a fast-changing world… but are we ready to adopt the new behaviors induced by new technologies ?

The main obstacle to innovation has always been the human being. Our biological brain 🧠 adapts in a progressive, selective and Darwinian way.

I have the impression that today, we are overwhelmed by the abysmal ethical questions đŸ€” raised by the ultra-fast evolution of new technologies.

👉 Artificial intelligence, mixed reality, 3D printing, IoT, digital, robotics… How can we concretely imagine the changes brought about by these diruptive technologies?

We are now beginning to understand the impact of digital technology and its consequences on our lifestyles and social relationships. I love exploring the future of humanity through the lenses of the emerging technologies.

👉 So what do you think about the evolution of technologies and their impact on our lifestyles?